Graffiti Project- #JealousRenee

If you’ve heard of Jealous Renee, you will understand why I decided to do the grafiiti project on her. Recently, a girl named Renee wrote an article in the Daily Illini about the benefits that sports players get on this campus. Here is a link to the article.

This article angered many of the sports players on this campus. This one sided opinion article has started a lot of controversy. They started tweeting with the hashtag:


I put it on the Illini Media building on the back entrance to the doors and on the side of the building.


I also wanted to put it on the Memorial Stadium, where the football players could see it.



Graffiti finds- Poop

This is an April Fools graffiti found outside the union on the sidewalk. It read’s April Fools, but it looks like poop was used to make it. The Font is almost like a border of circular poop droppings. I think that this graffiti was a good portrayal for it actually being a joke within a joke. 



This next graffiti that I found was in the Noyes Laboratory women’s bathroom. It was located behind the bathroom stall along with many other written graffiti. I choose this one because it the message was the medium. It wasn’t just a fancy or inspirational quote about doing what your true heart desires, or finding your true meaning in life. It is simply a “Hello Kitty” in poop form. I laughed so hard when I saw this, and I know all my graffiti finds have been surrounded around the #2 way of doing things, but that is just the irony. 


It seems there is a poop like world out there, and that people may be very passionate about this topic. Or they simply love the humor behind it. Either way there is a lot of graffiti surrounding this topic, so next time you are on the streets, look for the graffiti and you might be surprised with your poop-like finds. 


Banksy Analysis


This was a particularly funny graffiti image. It portrays a cheating partner caught in the act, with her secret lover dangling from the window while her significant other searches for the other man. ImageThis is an ironic portrayal of graffiti. it is graffiti saying to call a hotline if you need graffiti removal. But the number has graffiti over it so no one can actually call. Maybe the graffiti removal service should clean up that graffiti covering the number.Image

This “homeless” man graffiti isn’t necessarily asking for money. He actually wants “change.” Change means in this graffiti analysis, change in the world or change within himself.

Songs that reflect the brand


1. For my # 3 brand, a brand similar to Limited Too, I choose the following songs:
Justin Bieber:

Miley Cyrus:

Niki Minaj:

2. To get motivated for this class, I think a perfect song would be: Don’t you worry child- By Swedish House Mafia. We all often worry about our grades and classes, but all of that might not matter. Remember heaven has a plan for you!